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Are you looking for a longstanding date via a dating site? Well, traditional online dating may not be an efficient platform for finding your perfect match. Most of such sites do not include features that help couples find partners they could be compatible with.

Going through someone’s profile and viewing their photos plus other personal information is not enough to determine whether they suit you.

eHarmony customer support team has upended the trend by introducing scientific advancements in the dating industry for matching couples. Their 29 DIMENSIONS model is a compatibility matching system that works flawlessly thereby assuring withstanding and long enduring relationships. It focusses on specific characters and qualities consequently performing compatibility tests for you.

Whether you are in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia or even Canada, you can certainly access the site, and after finding a partner, you can get into eHarmony’s published relationships advice that helps build and fortify your relationship.

Eharmony Customer Support | Dating Advice Expert

How Do You Contact eHarmony Customer Support?

While the site might be copiously effective, at times as a customer, you might experience some difficulties. These issues may require you to get assistance by consulting customer care services, which will require you to contact eHarmony customer support. One of the most efficient methods of getting in contact with the support team is through their phone number.

The phone number you can use to call them is +1(888)536-4219, which is toll-free and has real-time wait while on hold. The call center is usually open and available on Mon through to Sat, starting from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

eHarmony Customer Service Helpdesk

The other way to get to eHarmony is by contacting and presenting your issue. From there they will find the best way to help you by reaching eHarmony customer support faster. eHarmony is a different company which builds tools that enhance communication where you will not have to wait for long before they receive your call. They achieve this by letting you bypass the part where you have to listen to call technology before receiving your call.

An alternative means of communication is the eHarmony customer support email through their address support[at] Email is very efficient since you can send them any time and any day; you can perform other tasks while waiting for a response as well. However, when you send the email very late at night, you may have to wait for a reply the next day. It is hard to determine the reliability of the email form of contact for a company like eHarmony.

Therefore, it is advisable you use a mobile phone instead. The one-on-one conversation via the phone is crucial as you will be in a position to express your issue with minimal vagueness and their response is immediate. For email, you may have to wait for a little longer for the support team to reply, while your concern may not be expressed properly in writing.

eHarmony Online Helpdesk

The one-on-one conversation could also be achieved through live chat; probably by accessing the eHarmony dating customer service help chat. Unfortunately, the service is currently unavailable to eHarmony customers. Since this service is not available, that leaves you with one best option, contact via the phone. Sometimes, navigating through the eHarmony customer support official website may provide you with information that may help solve your issue. Therefore, consider visiting their site, go through different sections including their blogs and you will gain some helpful information.

To wrap up, if you have issues such as trouble signing up, logging in, changing your profile information, deleting your account or any other issue that requires customer care attention, then consider calling the phone number provided. It is the quickest and most effortless way to get to the company.

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