When you think of a dating site that will bring a whole new experience, then you should take Okcupid customer support into consideration. The site lets you create a profile with ease, and apart from just allowing you to upload your photos, it lets you share your stories and talk about things that fascinate you. That way, you stand a better chance to find a partner who you share common interests which facilitates compatibility. What makes most relationships endure for long is getting engaged to a person who likes you for what you are and not based on your appearance. OkCupid aims at achieving that by providing questions that form the basis of their matching tactics.


OkCupid has well-structured questions that you answer while creating an account. As most of us know, several dating sites get to our nerves with the kind of questionnaires they provide. Some of the questions presented do not reflect one’s personalities, which may hinder perfect matching. That is not the case when it comes to OkCupid; despite the general ones such as your drinking and smoking habits, they will also present questions such as ‘where would you like to have your first kiss?’ or ‘where would you fancy for your first date?

Okcupid customer support
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Accessing OkCupid Help-Desk

You are probably stuck while signing up in the OkCupid site, or else experiencing difficulties accessing the site. That means you would have to gain access to OkCupid contact support for inquiries and assistance. Regrettably, no source or site that provides the contact number for OkCupid. That even makes it harder even for companies such as Get Human to apply their tools on the OkCupid customer service number since it is inaccessible. Neither do they provide options such as live chat, email address or even social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter? That seems so unfortunate for such a sizeable company.

Nonetheless, OkCupid has a finely structured strategy to assist their customers and prospects as well. Their website has an OkCupid help section that you can access irrespective of whether you have already created an account or not. It provides step-by-step guidelines on how to get the most out of the site. Details on how to create and customize your account, how to navigate through peoples’ profiles, and troubleshooting other commonly faced issues. The section also samples various asked questions and tackles them in an attempt to counter the ones you may raise. Therefore, they got you covered, and anytime you encounter a particular issue; you can access this section and look for the best-provided solution.


Sometimes you may not find the specific topic you are looking for compelling you to search on the search box provided at the bottom of the page. Eventually, after several searches, the customer service department might switch the search into an email like kind of a conversation. That way you can send them your query, even though it may take some few hours or days before they get back to you, it is still an efficient way to link up to them and find necessary help.


An online help desk is an efficient method to provide help to customers. Sometimes with a phone call, it may be infuriating for a customer to wait for long before they pick the call. An email may even take long before getting a reply while the response may not be effective maybe due to vagueness. The online help- desk is accessible at any time 24 hrs. OkCupid help page has numerous articles providing solutions to every problem.